Our Strengths

Vertically & Horizontally Integrated

We have very strong procurement system for cotton and have very good and effective usage of textile wastes. This makes our product full of quality and fills our customer with satisfaction

Aggressive Research & Developmentdd1dd2

A very aggressive and creative R&D department is always busy in exploring innovative product development enabling us to be ahead of many in the field. Our keen, extensive and aggressive team have core objective of rendering ultimate customer satisfaction through product development and smooth execution of orders.

Social & Economic Responsibility

We recognize and believe in fulfilling our responsibility towards the society and environment. We have established schools and dispensaries providing free services to the community.


We rely heavily in the training and development of truly professional team. This has resulted in developing a team of MBA’s, Textile Engineers and Industrial Engineers working at various levels in operations, marketing and merchandising, production and quality management and logistics. A team of highly educated and experienced IT professionals supports them.

Quality Management System dd3dd4

We believe that quality is an evolving process, not a mere standard. Consequently it makes sustainable and vigorous effort to continuously improve the quality of its products at every stage of the process. We have incorporated a unique system of developed a full fledged INDEPENDENT QUALITY ASSUARANCE DEPARTMENT in all our textile line and this system works independently of production and procurement staff. The department has access to the most instrumentation installed in our climatic controlled lab. We invest heavily in our LABS.